Scoot Safe!

Your Brain Got You Into UF, Protect It!

Scoot Safe is a helmet safety campaign at the University of Florida aimed at increasing helmet use among students when biking, scooting and riding motorcycles. Founded by the UF’s Athlete Brain and endorsed by the University of Florida and Pepsi, Scoot Safe intends to educate the student population and raise awareness of helmet safety while simultaneously reducing the negative stigma associated with helmet use.

Our Campaign Includes:

  • Helmet-wearing awards in the form of gift certificates, coupons, and Scoot Safe swag to students wearing helmets on campus
  • One-year Helmet Pledge
  • Bike Safety Seminars
  • Social media helmet challenges. Tag @UFScootSafe, use #Scootsafe or #Takethepledge, or share your helmet story on our Facebook page to be entered to win a prize.